David Berens Consulting
Tactical growth strategies: for business and life.

Life is complex. It's full of choices. Full of obstacles. Full of opportunities.

Most people are one conversation away from radical change.

A fresh probing conversation with alternative perspectives can help you see differently, and more clearly. With problem clarity comes robust and dynamic strategies.

For Start-ups

  • Tactical growth development
  • Customer persona creation
  • Product feedback
  • Value proposition aggregation
  • Messaging creation that resonates with customer values
  • Growth channel exploration & testing
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Sales funnel and cycle development
  • Go to market strategy creation
  • Product/service demo coaching

For individuals

  • Difficult decision making
  • Career development coaching
  • Feedback coaching

Grant Brown, Professional Golfer

“Working with David has given me more confidence and energy.  Thanks to David I have better self-awareness and I now focus on things that are in my control.  The information that I learned from him has not only helped in competition, but also in business and every day life. David zeroed in on blind spots that I could not see myself.”

Jayneil Dala, UX Designer

"David has a very laid back and approachable personality.  Within a couple hours he helped me make a decision on something that had been bothering me for months."

Drew Janes, CEO/Founder DEFY

"Through David's unique conversation-driven consulting approach, I always walk away from our chats with greater clarity, stronger strategies, and fresh motivation.  He is like an on demand chief of staff for me."

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